18-02-07 Live In Elgin, Scotland


25-01-07 Back With A Bang!
Gurkha are back from their Hiatus and are ready to kick your fuckin’ arses again with a fresh new sound and a (nearly) brand new set. Playing the B.O.B. Fest 2007 in Bath on Sat 7th April, Gurkha will be showcasing their new, stripped down to the bare essentials look and a bunch of new songs. Be there or be a cunt, you fuckers!


08-12-06 And now out on VINYL!!!
The split with Malignant Tumour is out now on Insane Society Records. The First 66 (of 666) come with a tour DVD and in a printed canvas bag. The rest are still mighty fine in splendid gate-fold cover.


11-10-06 A fucking great tour
Gurkha would like to say hail firstly to Malignant Tumour for a fucking scorching tour. We would also like to say a massive thanks to everyone who put on the gigs, put us up, put up with us,fed us,drank with us, were naughty with us and to all the bands we played with. Thank you also to Charterhouse International Music Festival who never gets tired of supporting us. We had a truly fantastic time and have met some fantastic people, not listed as We don’t want to offend anyone if We forget. Our brains are still fucked from the tour. Hail to you all !!!!!


07-10-06 And then there were three…
We would like to announce that Martin has left the band after the end of our recent tour due to internal frictions. The rest of us will be cracking on as a three piece and hope to resume our residency at the Junction in the near future.


04-10-06 Gurkha/Malignant Tumour split released!
You can find Gurkha on C.D. NOW! and on vinyl from October 21st on a split with Malignant Tumour from Czech. Both the C.D. and vinyl versions are released on Insane Society Records, based in Czech (http://www.insanesociety.net/). New material from both bands + multimedia bonus on C.D. Fantastic looking digipack. Limited edition L.P. of 666 (first 66 numbered and with bonus D.V.D. of Malignant Tumour/Gurkha recent tour of U.K./Eire).
Insane Society Records


02-06-06 Gurkha t-shirts finally available!


02-06-06 Gurkha t-shirts finally available!
We now have in stock Gurkha t-shirts. The two designs availiable so far are the “Cunt” logo (top left) and the simple “Crossed swords” logo (see above). At the moment they are only availiable in white on black, Large and extra large (other sizes to come soon). Printed front and back you have the choice of which logo you have on the front (the other one’ll be on the back). Order your crisp new shirt for only £7 (inc. p&p) by simply clicking the “Cuntact” link at the top right, sending us an email then sit back and get ready to offend people in the street!


Pigsey Rancid,the self styled Steve Vai of thrash punk,has only gone and bought a new Warlock.It features Seymour Butts pick-ups and is heavy as blimey crikey.What this new Warlock will be named and exactly what the old Warlock’s feelings are,we’ll have to wait and see.This picture was posed by models of over eighteen years and is in no way meant to depict the true likeness’s of said guitars.


They’ve only gone and done it!!The talent of Bri Doom and the bottomless pit that is Gurkhas creativity has once again congealed to form a thrash punk monster.We are very happy with the results and our respect for Bri is limitless and quite rude.Mixing and all that jazz is in the process and we hope to unveil it soon.Trutnov!!